Youngest child also commercializes in its page Web patches, t-shirts and other articles with the image of the Note or phrases of the personages of the comedy, released in 1998 and that enjoys estatus of cult in the USA, where every year the Lebowski Fest for most enthusiastic is celebrated. The movement soon will remove its own book from self-help The Abide Guide and even The Rug, a social network in Internet for the world-wide community of sluggish. The principles of the creed have their roots in certain elements of the buddhism, Hinduism and mainly the taosmo, from whose sacred book Tao You Ching arose Dude De Ching, a species of bible that eliminates ” all the straw mitolgica” of the lessons of the Laozi teacher. ‘ Dudeism’ it proclaims in his decalogue online to be ” the religion that grows lenta” more; , a millenarian philosophy ” that it preaches not to preach, and to practice less possible ” , ” but what you look for is good will and good roll, nete when you finish siesta”. Also it maintains that the philosophy that promotes the Note is very previous to the one of the Great Lebowski and between the prophets who supposedly spread their message throughout History they find Epicurus, Jesus Christ or mordacious novelist Kurt Vonnegut, icon of the alternative in the Sixties and seventy.

Laozi is reincarnated thus in Jeff Lebowski, its new identity of hippy cuarentn, player of ninepin and smoker of marijuana in unemployment: the antihero par excellence. ” It is a religion modern but very similar to the old ones, when originally they were cleaner and puras” , precise Youngest child, that learned when younger Castilian when she was student of interchange in the Spanish city of Granada. According to ‘ Dudely Lama’ , ‘ dudeism’ it is a directed current of thought to look for the spiritual balance and to purify the soul through finding the happiness in the simple things of the life, not accumulating to be able and wealth as the neoconservatives in the United States defend. ” The Note is the counterpoint of Walter (John Goodman), who believes itself at any moment in possession of the truth and he does not admit other opinions, just as the foreign policy of Washington under the presidency of George W. Bush” , it points east agnostic and convinced pacifist.

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