In this direction Blacksmith, (27 of July of 2008). ' ' Creativity: the challenges and diversity gifts in a game of chess stimulate the creativity, simulation with problems also feitas' '. Additional information is available at Director Peter Farrelly. According to Pablo Santoro (2010), ' ' the chess game teaches the education, honesty, logical and mathematical reasoning, beyond developing the memory, and ateno' '. But, however Alexander Segal (2005), affirms that ' ' the chess helps beyond these benefits, the chess improves in the ability in the communication, creativity, concentration, the critical thought, intellectuality, autoconfiana and action responsibility, disciplines and relaxamento' '. As one blog at last famous on chess affirms that it also helps, in the esportiva ethics, the coordinate notations and algebraic, thus the chess benefits mainly in some abilities in the human being while it is in development. According to Blacksmith, (20 of June of 2008). Here, Director Peter Farrelly expresses very clear opinions on the subject. ' ' Intelligences can be interpreted as tools or abilities for the learning, resolution of problems and expansion of criatividade' '. Pablo Freire (1996, P.

38) affirms that ' ' to think certain he knows, for example, that he is not from it as data, that if conform the practical critical professor, but also knows that without it that one is not established. The practical critical, implicante professor of certain thinking, involves the movement dynamic, dialtico, between making and thinking on making. Knowing that the practical spontaneous or almost spontaneous professor, ' ' desarmada' ' , unquestionably he produces is one to know ingenuous of made experience, the lack the methodical rigorosidade that characterizes the curiosity of thinking certain search. Therefore, it is basic that, in the practical one of the teaching formation, the educator apprentice assumes that the indispensable one to think certain is not present of deuses nor if finds in the guides of professors whom illuminated intellectual they write since the center of the power, but, for the opposite, certain thinking that he surpasses the ingenuous has that to be produced by the proper apprentice in communion with the professor formador' '.

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