Beauty: Friend Or Foe

Whoever said that beauty is inside and not outside, who said such a fallacy because he had no problems of size and less weight, because no one in life can see the inside of a person without seeing not the physical, by it would be like saying that nobody is born ugly, just badly managed, but sharing phrases once heard that there is no ugly woman just micia, something that certainly does not fly from reality. To be honest we have become slaves of beauty and we want to feel beautiful, not just to please a certain social group but to feel better with us and that brings us to wear masks. I'm not talking Halloween mask and mask-less beauty but not escape the topic of what I write, speak no doubt the long sessions madrugaderas we all do before leaving home, the makeup. Not to mention the long hours in the gym, hoping to have an enviable body, though many now opt for surgeries and injections to improve their appearance, something that could not have done that in his time Venus was a goddess but if was in our century would be an obese (Exaggerated). And not only the technology is focused on perfecting the shape and the delay of age, also the size, for those who have not heard is no treatment for growing and selling supplements online, we are easy prey to a society that strives for perfection every day of its people, putting them on face products and treatments to make us feel bad about yourself and run behind them to consume. born on May 26, 1986, with second child of four sisters, I have spent my life without merit and praise. at an early age I began to create stories, novels and fantasy stories to psychological, I hate to be dependent … I'm almost addicted to sleeping pills. I spent most of my life locked up at home, I have many friends, I love the movies.

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