In the story of Axe of Assis ' ' Mass of the Galo' ' it is a story that if of the one in a night of Christmas, between a young Walnut and one married lady Conceio, practically nothing happens between the two. But Axe seems to say that, where nothing happens, everything can happen and let us perceive so that it, simply must intently observe and read the marks of the not explicit desire. The story is told by the personage Walnut in first person of the singular. Walnut tells a fact that happened obtains when it had 17 years of age which more does not forget, liveed in the house of Meneses notary, according to it would be for studying. In that year, it drew out its entrance in the Cut in order to attend the Mass of the Rooster, although the vacations already to have started. Meneses notary, although to be married Conceio, one ' ' santa' ' according to narrative, he kept an extramarital case with a separate woman of the husband, that is, central focus of the machadianas workmanships the question of ' ' adultrio' '.

' ' Good Conceio! They called &#039 to it; ' santa' ' , and it made jus to the heading, so easily supported the esquecimentos of marido' '. (AXE, 1899, P. 02) In the house, all they knew, also its wife. However Conceio posava of good young woman ' ' santa' ' made of account that nothing happened. The night of Christmas was one of the occasions of the adultery one, that is, the adultery one declared of the husband of Conceio propitiates the conditions so that proper it also desires to prove. Thus, the meeting planned by it practically happens, what everything indicates, with the young. Walnut, waited the hour of the Mass of the Rooster. It, for naivety and inexperincia, therefore had 17 years of age, does not arrive to catch the intentions of Conceio accurately.

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