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Tomas Pascual

A February 16, died four years ago one of the largest and boldest entrepreneurs in Spain. The best epitaph would be his own words, “After a job well done, after the finished work, you sit and contemplate.” The great fear of Tomas Pascual, was bored. It began as a child, selling snacks in the canteen of his father, then began to distribute goods on a bike first, then on a motorcycle and finally in a small truck. In 1950, Pascual Hermanos SL founded in 1959 launched a feed mill and in 1966 began to raise pigs, chickens and cows. To broaden your perception, visit Ken Kao. In 1969 Leche Pascual SA, a company that pioneered the introduction in Spain milk and tetra brik packaging and semi-skimmed milk. “I do not consider myself anything. What if I am or leave, they should say others, not myself. My father taught me what it takes to fend in life and I will be forever grateful for that, “he said” When you’re after is to make something big, do something future-oriented, which allows the growth of society as a whole, you feel proud to have one thing in it.

When it is your goal, you have to chase in the day to day, in every detail. When you want to do something great, you can never stop pushing, energetic, strong, motivated, with the illusion that your work never ends, that there are always more and more to say today, tomorrow, past. “The story that follows said Tom Burns Maranon and defines the character of Don Thomas,” I agreed in a meeting with a gentleman of a certain age, after a lovely chat, he gave me his card and asked me mine. I realized that I had spent half an hour in the company of a self-made man of legend, tanning on the steppes of Tierra de Campos. The next day I sent my office a huge box full of products for your business. I thanked him for his gift, and said he had forwarded the huge cash Caritas. This Christmas I wrote to inform me that Caritas had received more yogurts, cereals and milk different from me and express mention of Don Tomas Pascual. “To succeed as an entrepreneur, creating a thriving business, one must be very creative work much and always thinking of upgrading and innovation.

We know all. What often escapes us, however, is that for all this corporate commitment to be sustainable over time, the employer must be kind and Affordable, honest and good person. Leche Pascual Association funded Olympic and Paralympic sports since before its inception in 1988, supporting elite Spanish athletes to set an example and encouragement to young people. What do you think if we already complain and learn from people like him?.