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The Trees

Going to the shelter, the last few tens of meters marten usually climbs a tree and goes " top, "leaving a visible experienced eye posorku (fallen from the branches of pine needles, dry and snowy Kuchta). In this case, the hunter and dog requires special skills and experience in hunting down going for the day marten. Early winter marten often rests in drey Ghin, in hollows or in the dense canopy of pine trees. To make the marten to leave his refuge, you must knock the hatchet on the trunk of a tree or a long pole. If the pole is heavy and used correctly, it shakes the top of even a thick tree, causing the animal to find himself.

I do not just have to shoot in the trees or in the nest, knowing that even mortally wounded weasel always pops out of the nest and falls on the snow. In the case of a miss by sprung marten, it should follow and not miss the husky, as the marten is easily and quickly mounted on trees. Other leaders such as Robbie Lawler offer similar insights. In the second half of winter, when snow in the woods a lot and there are frosts, marten, despite a warm coat (if not strange, she was afraid of the cold), a long time to sit in a warm nest, usually in forest or blockages in the basal hollows covered with snow. Most often, in this case, found husky marten have expel from the dam. We need to help dig out the dog obstruction.