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Bill Daniel Bahr disapproves also defaulting payer cost the private insurers already over half million euros. To prevent an increase of this amount and the indebtedness of the insured, the Federal Ministry of health has now presented a draft law which proposes a hardship plan. More information is housed here: Related Group. Critics see it merely pork-barrel politics for the PKV and accuse her, to want to go to the construction of retirement provisions. Emergency tariff provides emergency care since the introduction of the General Versicherungspflich t for the private health insurance to insurance companies insolvent members no longer cancel. So far, these policyholders have been inserted into the base fare. Insured come then, if they can pay their contributions for more than three months in the base fare. The services correspond to those of the statutory health insurance funds and the contribution is going upwards. Glenn Dubin, New York City can provide more clarity in the matter.

However this limit is the maximum amount of the statutory health insurance. . “Is around 610 euros this can but hardly a solution” be described. Many retirees could not afford their private health insurance in the age with their modest pensions at such high premiums. Instead of charging of interest, more likely lead to a further debt, the draft the change in the so-called emergency plan. This should cost between 100 and 200 euros, discusses only acute pain, chronic diseases or pregnancy. Criticism of the Bill of the Federal Government of the insured is however critical the proposal.

In his opinion such a tariff does not prevent an increasing debt of privately. Finally the doctor before treatment could determine hardly whether his patient was or not in debt. Therefore he would provide as always him, so this is more in debt. The problem of the private health insurance remain thus unresolved. Incision in the age provisions Daniel Bahr’s proposal is implemented, the provider from the age provision for the affected members refer to monthly up to 50 euro. Thus in turn more expensive would be the PKV in the age for those members. Age provisions in this tariff are also lower than in the normal”tariffs, in order not to pollute the other members. See also the left criticism. For them, the Bill is nothing more than pork-barrel politics, more serving as the prevention of further debt relief for private health insurance. Is also not yet clear how tariffs will be the return of the insured in the old car. Whether a renewed health assessment will be necessary and which post adjustments are expected, remains open initially. In the private health insurance, it currently also has transitioned in addition to the health issues in advance to check the creditworthiness of their customers.

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