Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin Century

Perfectly known gzhel, this age-old rival khokhloma patterns in the popular mind, has its roots in the 12th century. Let us consider in more detail this kind of Russian folk arts and crafts. Huge billboards on roadsides all the time resembles the presence of achievements and plans for the inhabitants of the once impoverished villages. Cities and towns hi update themselves Traveler elongated arrows huge tower cranes. No, nothing has remained of the old "kosopuzoy" Ryazan, about which to read a journalist conducted in articles and in books. Heaps of coal mines and copra met Skopin traveler.

A plaque on one of the buildings looked like that here in 1919, Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin, appealed to the miners with an appeal to help Skopina carbon mo Lodoe Soviet republic. In the central square with the Hall of Fame watched the young person's best producers. All this is absolutely not in keeping with representation of the city as a po din clay fairy centaurs. And yet it was. Even in Ryazan, a regional museum met with a journalist last Skopina. Since the XII century, villagers located charged in place of the present city, use Wali rich deposits of pottery clay light. And when at the end of the XVI century was born a city named first redoubt, then immediately spun the whole area – "the potter's end." From this time initially drove to nearby villages and in villages and then out bowls, pots, jug, KWD tire. For the blue-black color that results when baking, called them "sinyushkami", namely so-called Russian souvenirs.

Were "Sinyushki" durable, inexpensive, and because the respect of customers. By the beginning of the XIX century potters Skopinsky frequented with his goods, even in Rostov and Taganrog. By Sulphur din century there were around pyatide syati workshops, where he worked for more than two hundred employees. One of the halls of the museum hangs a photo: boro daty man sitting on a low bench, left hand turns the wooden circle, and right uniformly equal pulls up a clay bundle lying on a circle. This is a potter molds Skopinsky bowl. It has long been on a par with the masters of your work in Russia Khokhloma major porcelain factories high, the master issued austere Gzhel livuyu ware and figurines, but still Skopin adhered to the old ways of their grandfathers and grandfathers right . Worked as in XII century. In the same house where he lived the master storage is clay here vymeshivayut her feet and hands, but here, sitting almost on the floor, doing dishes, and burned it to the furnace, which occupied half the house.

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