Wake Object

When finally I left the quarter – trying to act but the normal thing that it could a look throws to him to tele and it asks: – one has moved? – Not. – they responded without turning around to see to me me. I left towards the patio of the house, and observes the object, – that will want? I thought worried if they are extraterrestrial so that they are now? – a few hours Happened, and then step the object moved! All we left towards outside the house we saw and it move – oa noise to far, and I felt a chill product of the noise they abrogation windows of the object, and began to leave to him Arms? was like metal extremities, mechanics leaving the object were enormous, of more size than the object it unfolded and them to fullness, until they were completely tightened – somebody embraced to me but I did not distinguish that, tapeworm desire to cry, and to shout horrified, but I paused, covers the face with the hands Somebody had to notice my expression and I take within the house, in front of the television, and soon it returned a to leave – this was real? It was really happening? It asks to me for my decadents-sarong hours was made at night, and I was but calmed, if she could, in this type of situation it was behind schedule my breast she said that we would have to go to us to sleep – felt to me exhausted, although had not done nothing all the day if not to worry me about the object I did case to him and I was myself quarter, I fell in the bed as a trunk I awoke, in which I thought was at night still – I thought that the previous day, and it seemed to me that had been a nightmare but I saw myself, and tapeworm the clothes put of the previous day, until tapeworm the put shoes! – I felt confused I left the quarter, and some members of my family also finished waking up all had a strange expression, I imagine that I also it tapeworm was no signal in the television, so we left to verify if the object followed there seemed that outside night still everything was dark – me heart a raised the throat my famila and I left to the front of the house, were people who spent the night watching to the object, these were outside also, my neighbor said to me: – The signal of the televisions had gone away like a three of the dawn, and soon the electricity went away also, and since then it was seeing in direct the object in the sky.. .

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