Thermotherapy – quite a pleasant sort of therapy. Thermotherapy is performed using paraffin ozokerite and hot sand, sea or river. Paraffin has analgesic effect and contributes to resorption lesions vospaleniya.PRIMENENIE ozokerite and paraffin Ozokerite has a pronounced thermal properties than paraffin, and therefore more profitable to use. Actress has much to offer in this field. In addition, the therapeutic effect of ozokerite due to the impact of the chemical it contains oils and resins. Ozokeritotherapy as paraffin, helps relieve pain and helps to dissolve the inflammation. In chronic prostatitis paraffin and mineral wax used as a compress or cuvette-completed application method. To prepare a compress to impregnate the molten ozokerite gauze pad, folded into six layers.

Then it must be overcome, to cool to a temperature 50 C and put on the lower abdomen. Usually compress consists of two pads, located one above the other and covered with waxed paper or oil cloth, over which the patient can wrap yourself with a blanket or warm woolen shawl. Ozokerite or paraffin wax, heated to 45 C for half an hour can be applied directly to the skin of the perineum and genitals. Doing this daily is recommended, preferably – in the same time. The treatment course is 10 sessions. Cuvette-Applique method: melt lenny ozocerite is poured into the cell or any other containers, lined with oilcloth. Melted mineral wax cools down gradually to the desired temperature and turns into a cake. Its extracted along with oil cloth and put on half an hour on the lower abdomen or groin.

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