Temporary Tattoos By Coco Chanel

Temporary tattoos are now the rage. And people are using them as a fashion statement temporary tattoos are now the rage more and more. And more and more people are using them as a fashion statement. No. of longer are you tied to one tattoo for life. These temptats only last 4 to 5 days and then you can have a new one. And better yet you can choose a did that fits your mood, your lifestyle, or where you are in your life. Anna Belknap pursues this goal as well.

There are all kinds of temporary tattoos. Tribal tattoos, celebrity tattoos, fairy tattoos, zodiac tattoos, tattoos, clubbing bands tattoos, belly button tattoos, dragon tattoos, butterfly tattoos, hen party tattoos. The list is endless. If you can think it actually the artist will be able to make one for you. Why wear a temporary tattoo? Wear temptats to match to the outfit they want many people wear, or to improve their attractiveness, or show their attitude or highlight their personality. The tattoo is not just a fad, it has become a statement of who you are. It of beings to those who meet or see you what you are about.

And that’s why temporary tattoos are now so popular because our personality changes for occasions as well as through the years. Temptats allow for this change. Temporary tattoos have many uses. They can be used for a night on the town, or for kids party favors, or for Halloween, showing school spirit, playing a joke, for vacations. Love is not always permanent, so tempttats can be used to show someone you love them but if the relationship changes you have one less permanent reminder of it to worry about. Uses for temptats are endless and limited only by the creativity of the wearer! The cost of temporary tattoos so makes them attractive. You can get a temporary tattoo for as little as 50 cents. with most between 1 to 2 dollars. This makes it easy to use them whenever you want. It looks like temporary tattoos are even going upscale. Chanel, one of the icons in the fashion industry, has now released a series of temporary tattoos. They are hand drawn creations by Peter Philips, Chanel’s global Director of makeup. Chanel calls them “temporary skin”; which undoubtedly is a marketing ploy for the outrageous price tag of $75 per tattoo. The Chanel tattoos, or ‘ skin art ‘ have 55 different types and include bracelets, earrings, the Chanel logo,. birds, and Oriental cheery blossoms. Like some kind of they are limited editions! Wow, with Chanel in the game temporary tattoos have come a long from the days when you could find a stick on tattoo in a cereal box or on a gum wrapper. So if you have temporary tattoos why not show it off in Spacelocker

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