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Without going into other aspects and focusing only on field sports and more concrete in football, I note a in Spain always appreciate more what comes from the outside than what we have at home and in particular with regard to coaches, we have seen how season after season come foreign technicians, many of whom do not contribute absolutely nothing to the growth of our football and what is more seriousthey have less level than the Spanish coaches. We do not cite names, but some have done the courses from one day to another coach, others have a degree of dubious origin and others have them given the meat that at his time were famous footballers. More information is housed here: Indycar. And here, as we like to do Don Quixote we continue biting paying double for what comes from abroad when home is better and cheaper. There are however foreign coaches who eventually brought many things to our football, but there were others who were not to train or a neighborhood team. Charlotte Hornets often expresses his thoughts on the topic. To see if the Presidents of clubs realize once and for all, that the Spanish coaches have enough capacity and level to be at the height of the best and you do not need to travel far to find technicians who deal with guarantees more than sufficient coaching from our teams. Original author and source of the article.