Russia Halo

News from the Halo Kwadrat SP. z o.o. Halo Kwadrat, the specialist for open source phone systems with offices in Poland, Germany and Russia, and the Canadian TelcoBridges have signed an agreement, which both companies ensures competitive advantages in Central Europe and Russia. The Polish Halo Kwadrat SP. z o.o. Additional information is available at Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. has based on the area of open source software for phone systems and solutions and offers specialized and is one of the leading distributors throughout Europe.

Through collaboration with the Canadian TelcoBridges, offered powerful telecommunications solutions using VoIP, TDM, and IVR Technologies in the European and Russian market is built perfectly. TelcoBridges provides hardware and software to telecommunications system integrators, system developers and service providers. Halo Kwadrat expands its portfolio by working with TelcoBridges the TelcoBridges high-performance platforms and offers comprehensive and turnkey solutions for local service provider in Germany, Austria, Poland, of Switzerland and Russia’s. Halo Kwadrat chose TelcoBridges as partners, because this grade standard offers a platform with carrier Tmedia 3200, which meets the needs of customers for high availability and high power density and capacity in a small space. Many service providers in the new target regions are looking for solutions that they least revenue-generating services, such as IP PBX, voice and messaging systems, conference systems, signaling services, cost routing and more value added voice solutions can offer.

While in this market segment in particular the flexibility environments is appreciated by open source. Our target markets require a cost-efficient and reliable performance and infrastructure. Through cooperation we offer a carefree careless full-service customers now\”, so Michal Bielicki, branch manager of the German branch of the Halo Kwadrat SP. z o.o.-our solutions and components are simple and at the same time very reliable alternatives to the others on the market currently and most complex telecommunications platforms. TelcoBridges products we guarantee a healthy and powerful communication for large and medium-sized service providers, preferably looking offers open source.\”Halo Kwadrat has a very good reputation in the industry and offers real innovation in the open source area.

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