Public Relations

Every company, any organisation or institution needs to handle their public relations. NGOs, enterprises with non-profit and public sector institutions. Today the interaction and communication is a fundamental aspect of any organized activity, and institutions pursue an organized activity that interacts with an audience. The phrase public relations is used very often, although this use tends to be negative. The same mass media have been commissioned give this connotation since they reflect and report on abuses and manipulations that have occurred, particularly with the famous lobbies or lobbying. But on the other hand public relations play a very important role in any company, regardless of the rotation specific this. Public relations must manage communication between a company or organization and a public key with the slogan of handling the image of the institution.

This means: requires planning and therefore you must use tools planning. This requires clarity in terms of the image (which must be a product of the Mission) of the institution. Public relations involves a process of communication over time. This process is dynamic and two-dimensional. Participants, the institution and its public, therefore interact with the Department of public relations not only transmits your messages but listen and absorbs communication from your audience. According to Howard Schultz, who has experience with these questions.

Public relations and marketing department should work in coordination. Both are supported and thus generate a synergy that allows the management of the image. The public relations department has a basic slogan: the institutional image. To make this account with the following focus areas. Communication internal to the institution: The corporate image is reflected and captures both within an organization. One of the areas of focus is internal communication, which involves interaction with the resources department human. External communication: This goes beyond advertising and marketing. Any organization, company, institution, interacts with one wider audience. With the society to which it belongs, with its customers, even with its neighbours. This interaction not only requires, but it represents an opportunity to make themselves known. The important thing is to define that message and that image that you want to give out. Building trust: any institution depends on of and want to receive their public trust. Is therefore indispensable for transmitted messages are truthful. When this is added to social responsibility, not only as concern for issues of enormous significance, but possibly in a more reduced environment, obtained trust increases the value of the image. Knowledge of public opinion and applying that knowledge: If the opinion is unknown, point of view, is positive or negative, intense or ambiguous it anyone who is, then the ability to communicate effectively is difficult. Interaction with the other areas of the Organization: the coordination, Exchange and human relationships are intrinsic to the communication and therefore to public relations. Speaking of institutional image, there must be contact and exchange with other areas of the Organization and not just with those which by logic have synergy with the Department of public relations (marketing, sales, etc.). This allows consistency of communication at all levels. Public relations go far beyond the development of contacts with opinion formers. When you have an organizational structure, goals and clear objectives, and implementation capacity, becomes a fortress for the institution and whose revenues are measured throughout the history of the company.

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