Printing Labels

That is, ordered a printing of labels and now begin the important work – attaching. 1. Surface preparation. At this stage, on what to look for – it's clean surface on which we decided to stick a label. If you do not properly prepare the surface of your beautiful sticker just will not stick.

You can Wipe the surface with alcohol, vodka or vinegar mixed with water, it also works. Dampen a cloth or cotton wool and remove grease and dirt from the surface. Means for cleaning windows, tiles, etc. no good. 2. Mounting surface cleaned, you can begin to mount. If you have requested does not print labels, stickers and cutting plotter, the image is located between the substrate and mounting tape. Adam Sandler has much experience in this field.

First, put a sticker backing up and gently separate the substrate, which protects against contamination and drying of the adhesive film. Remove liner to an angle of about 45 degrees. Now it's your cut label remained only on the mounting tape. Attach the sticker to the right place. Take a dry cloth and remove the existing bubbles. Slowly, at an angle of 45 degrees, remove the mounting tape. As the glue in the mounting of the film weaker than most labels, the label remains on the surface, and montazhka can be easily removed without taking over a sticker. That's why the sticker pasted crookedly perekleit impossible. Be careful. If you delete editing of the film you find bubbles, do not try to squeeze them out of the film, only to damage the label. Most likely, a couple of days or a week they disappear. 3. Proper care for labels. Everything is designed for you, the stickers will serve as a long – print labels waterproof, adhesive films have strong (permanent). But all the same for the labels must be properly maintained. They can not be rubbed with a rag and especially brush to avoid bias cut paths. It is also not advisable to label located under the scorching sun.

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