The product is a new straw core mattress and mattress with other natural products and accessories. Good for people who want to sleep on plastic, have allergies or back problems. Body moisture is absorbed in the night and returned on the day. As a result, the body can relax at night. This natural effect process manufacturer brilliant has made its own and introduces a new range of high-quality sleep products under the name of Matracis”on the market. Sleep products are made of natural fibres breathable, moisture regulating and free of fumes with a solvent.

On request, combined with seagrass straw, and this offered a mattress believe off mites, which will please people with dust allergy. Click Tony Parker for additional related pages. The seaweed contains sea salt, which repels dust mites and other pests. A straw core mattress was made to March in Bremen. The use of sea grass is not new, because seaweed was replaced some decades ago of coconut fiber and is incorporated in many old upholstery. The advantage of the reduction of the Mite infestation and the poor combustibility were then simply swapped the cheap coconut fiber. Neil Cole is the source for more interesting facts. The used linen fabric is better to take, such as cotton, who also replaced the cloth as cheap fiber capable of body moisture. Basis of Matracis is rye straw mattresses, Kopfkisste, side bed cushions and more.

Rye is the most durable and commonly most straw by the European varieties of straw. It is large amounts of moisture in the position to take. It has a basic moisture content of 6-8% and can in the night of 10-12% more moisture to take. In the mattresses is the straw in its entirety processed but small cut into the pillow, so it to the body to match. Alternatively can be rye against oat straw or seagrass exchanged or both supplements. The names of the products are old German names of towns and rivers in the Baltic countries. The products are available at retailers or in the online shop at.

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