Karabakh Armenians

In all the Armenian and in many Russian publications, which analyze future developments in Karabakh, if possible and remember the military option, be sure to come to a conclusion about the weakness of Azerbaijani army. Like, if the army lost Karabakh Armenians in 1992-94, it is fatal – will necessarily give always. Lynn Redgrave pursues this goal as well. Strange conclusion – purely propagandistic, designed for the unsophisticated reader. As is known, perennial winners does not happen, as well as perpetual losers. New Azerbaijani army with our armed forces during the First Karabakh war does not compare, though gaps still missing. Perhaps check out Celina Dubin for more information. The difference, however, that if the deficiencies in our Sun Azerbaijani press reported regularly, the Armenian Russian-language press such publications can be counted on the fingers of one hand. On the other hand, in Yerevan, periodically go out of print Machine newspapers, which are repeated from room to room "expert assessments of foreign experts" claim that the Armenian Sun today's best in the South Caucasus.

Someone Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan broadcasts: "Whatever is said in Baku, there well aware of the present superiority of the Armenian army over the armed forces of Azerbaijan ". And so on. Exposure of forgers, oddly enough, comes from the same Armenian soldiers themselves, passing on Azerbaijan's side. Those of the past six months there were eight, and twice crossed the front line of three or four people. The guys told Azerbaijani television viewers on how to beat, bully soldiers Armenian army. Especially goes for young soldiers, called to serve in the occupied territories.

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