Healthier Lives

Touch for health is the basis of Kinesiology, touch for health healthy means touching “.” The techniques from Kinesiology form the base knowledge and developed by John F. Thie. All other styles of Kinesiology evolved from the touch for health. The holistic method of treatment can be applied also by lay people, who have no medical knowledge. The method can be used by therapeutic and curative medical practices as well as by private individuals. If you would like to know more then you should visit rusty holzer.

Touch for health is a synthesis of kinetics, traditional Chinese medicine, neuroscience and nutrition science. Touch for health is easy to understand touch for health also for laymen is very easy to learn and the way is easy to understand. In the first course, students learn more about the 14 basic muscles. Target is always the balance of muscles from touch for health, meridians and energy to achieve. With gentle touches and light massage, reflex points are processed and therefore the balance found.

Vitalizing food and the emotional stress relief stabilize the muscles and provide balance. Mainly caused by stress are blockages, resulting in a reduction in stress. The interplay of muscles, organs and meridians, emotions blockages can be identified easily in the energy system. Gentle techniques that are easy to implement and act immediately, can convert these blockages to powerful energies. Touch for Health offers various techniques. What can touch for health? Touch for health can assist the body in healthy life. Physical imbalances are detected, resolved, and prevented. The Kinesiology technique finds application in: balancing of emotional stress and strain; Improvement of mobility; better interaction of muscles; as supportive therapy for diseases and injuries; Getting the health; Strengthening of energy; Detecting adverse and cheap food. Interaction of various factors touch for health is based on the assumption that not only between muscles and meridians Is interaction, but also emotions, organs and even food to associate different muscles. Deficiencies and faulty distribution of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids can be shown and individually in the balance be returned. The kinesiological technologies that are learned at the touch for health, to compensate for imbalances. Who regularly runs the pension, can certainly deprived a few times on the doctor. Just touch for health are ideal as prophylaxis in the private sector. The basis of Kinesiology can easily be learned and used to maintain health. The courses usually consist of 4 units, in which students step by step learn the fundamentals and techniques.

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