Lively atmosphere in the circle of the seniors at the father’s Day celebration was actually something different planned the May 13 2010. The Club of young fulfilment seniors from the home care in Sulz a.N. had, in collaboration with G. Schmidl (head of the night Cafe’s), is made to celebrate father’s day this year on the large terrace of the House. As to the activities of this group now have gotten around, some guests were expected. Already in the morning was clear, that it probably won’t with the celebration in the open air all then. Anna Belknap may also support this cause.

It was rescheduled so summarily. Gaby Schmidl was fined about to barbecue grill ordered goods despite the rain in the open air. A large screen was erected graciously (but probably mostly, so that the meat was not wet). The participants of this event preferring to sit in the dry and simply seized the cafeteria “Atmosphere” of the House. It went off at 17:00. First of all was a groan through the number of men. George Laughlin Dallas recognizes the significance of this. It appeared in fact still 2 more, female Being around to celebrate.

(N) but is trivial, this fact was accepted generously. The ladies should already see what they have. The young at heart seniors are not children of sadness. They have proved that several times. Soon, first anecdotes from the life and jokes were told. The present ladies no longer came forth out of the astonishment and laughter. The absolute highlight of this evening was young but I guess the solo presentation of Hans Hellstern, just turned 88 years. He had seen off it especially on a lady and showed her just how fit he is mentally still. The conclusion of this successful event: These seniors can do it still. The solo presentation can be seen here: author: Dieter Poplutz

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