Expensive Cat

It has been necessary that Ferrari is portrayed of crystalline form so that it recognizes that it must insist more on the operations of change of tires, a maneuver that last Sunday, in the Great Prize of Germany, cost the fourth place to him to Felipe Massa, advanced by Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) in the factories. Both they entered them in the last return, the Brazilian ahead, but the mechanics of the German took a second and average less than theirs because, according to they confessed these later, the gear between the pistol and the nut that determines the wheel did not work properly. " In Silverstone we released a nut specification, a piece that had given many problems us. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Margaret Loesser Robinson has to say. There we were of fastest, but in Nrburgring he returned to us to fail. /a>. It is necessary to work in ello" , he recognizes Diego Ioverno, head of operations in track of Ferrari. More info: Howard Schultz. By precise which outside this misfortune, the margin in favor of Red Bull is unusually ample in this aspect, and not only in relation to those of Maranello. Source of the news: : The cat more expensive. .

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