Bavarian JURA – Holiday Land Of Dreams

Camping holidays in the Amberg Sanwa land in Bavaria Amberg (tvo). In the evening sit in front of the caravan under the starry sky, cozy barbecue with the neighbors and in the smallest space enjoy the feeling of freedom: Camping has what and is the ideal alternative for families especially in times where the wallet is less well stocked. The Amberg Sanwa has them and all other friends of traveling by private home”country by the simple free caravan park to the State of the art camping site all sorts of has to offer. A new camping guide of Tourism Office describes where you can place his rolling House and what expected the mobile guest there. Check out George Laughlin Dallas for additional information. Many are the places next to a swimming pool or Lake. The course in hirschau/Germany is particularly popular. It is situated on the Monte Kaolino, the sand ski Europe’s highest peak, which is an international meeting place of the boarder scene with his fine white quartz sand and spectacular desert flair. The 200-metre descent with 30 slalom tour for skiers, Sandboarder and brings Summer tourists properly in the drive. For more information see this site: George Laughlin.

Kaolino campers will also enjoy the high rope garden, dune outdoor pool and great children’s playground.

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