William Shakespeare

The place of the artist says that to the drugs ” permiten” , to it consumes who them, to accede to states altered of brings back to consciousness. The way would be something as well as to live a experience X without knowing how it was arrived at this experience, which was the route. Because the drugs attempt against the will of the human being and cotra his brings back to consciousness, one drug and point, are everything what it is known and, to make matters worse, loses the will. Different it is the route that the art allows us, where brings back to consciousness of If it is essential factor to develop any artistic discipline. It is from training this capacity to feel the life and to recognize it each handspan, that we can lift to the majors heights that the art allows us, or representing Nora in ” House of muecas” , or when doing the own thing with scenes of the greater baseness, like for example representing the paper of ” Ricardo lll” , of William Shakespeare. Apollonian and the dionisaco in two personages and a single body, the one of the actor-actress. It is not necessary to consume nothing to be able to put itself in the place of. or in the skin of the wonderful instrument that it is the human body contains all the tools that we needed, including the perseverancia and the patience.

The human body is able as much to write as to raise pyramids or to invent the electrical lamp or to deduce the theory of relativity or to knead ravioles or or to paint the Gioconda or to carve the Moiss or to have babies or to compose Let it sees But to do all this there are ways, techniques, learnings. There were artists who thought that the drugs were going to favor their production. False! To the artistic production it favors the love to the art, nothing else and nothing less than: the love, the passion, desire, the desire and the dignity to construct it with the own hands, being it projected with the own mind and wished with the own body. When, in the theater factory we began each class checking our body to see if one is in tension and we concentrated ourselves in feeling and perceiving each part from moving each joint and relaxing each muscle, we do not make another thing that to return to the body and to be sovereign owners and of him. Learn more at: Tony Parker. ” body, that house that not habitamos” (Phrase of the book ” The body is right its, of Therese Bertherat) is due to turn into the house that we live. For it we must know it and obtain that it gives everything us what we needed, to each step, in each situation. It brings back to consciousness of the body is a nature that we must recover.

To be conscious is to feel, to perceive consequently, to think and to decide and so it feels and considering our bonds, our acts and what of them it happens: To be conscious is to wake up. A wide-awake artist is not easily manageable by the turn powers. And that you go away when we create to him or no. Gustavo Volpin.

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