Which Disappear Red Numbers Branches?

New solution can improve competitive strength current investigations and Kuhn projects confirm the findings: increasing complexity, dynamics, but also the competition of substitution in the branch network. The pursuit of market share has in mature markets at borders if it is not innovative. The individual character that have become necessary stationary stores limited intense multiplying by Filialstandards staff trained with not good enough. It is more than worth, such as established structures and systems be harmonises is accordingly. The current practice of problem solving, planning, decision-making, and translation to branch and franchise systems must be changed in the interest of a better achievement of objectives.

You have to be more efficient in market segments as well as in the overall market. As online sales is gaining popularity, the process of digitalization is progressing, new technologies support the Filialhandeln, ranges must solutions for the problems stronger than but include not only articles and variants Buyers be. Finding new consumption habits, other arrival and use events can be not only supplier task. Innovation, sustainability and the again the drivers are new invention in addition to efficiency. Sales recruited a more sustainable and healthier way of life (keyword health market), mainly from shortages of time and money budgets of the consumers, but also from the requirements of the change in the control of the specialist and mass business, the growing desire for.

Instead of focusing at the Filialsystemmanagement as in the past in the past, specialists for chain stores also day-time intensity, usage or course profiles recommend as a focussed decisions. Because only the resulting apparent patterns allow both strategically as operative profit effective and from a customer perspective to act, instead of relying on the margins-eating leg of the price or to indulge, to secure the future of the companies in the past. The Internet and changing habits of consumers endanger now traditional Branch and franchise systems.

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