It is understandable that you will soon realize that to somewhere else to go – we must first take somewhere visa. More often it is only with her pass into the Schengen zone. For each country has its own laws and rules visa. Respectively, and their difficulties. To avoid them, and was composed Danae article. I have a lot of traveling and seeing so many buildings and people from totally different countries, which issued me a visa – understood that actually receive a visa is not so easy. Anything can happen Generally visas are completely different. This I learned only later, when I started to learn a whole the very structure of journeys and maps.

As it turned out, anyway, I know it is such variety, there are non-working visa, working, respectively, short-term and long for the host, a single or multi-visa. They are all in principle almost identical, but are still differences. I do not I will paint what documents I gathered that last ride to Italy, I'd better explain a few rules, and even cheerful life event – the first visa to France. So, two weeks ago, I wanted to go to Italy. As luck would have it turns out that the embassy of a turn. Theoretically, I get there only through the month of commercials or two or even three. A vacation inexorably slipping away. And then I only casually complaining about life girlfriend learned that is quite possible to get a visa to any country Shengensokoy zone. And then ride for all countries included in it. I thought and decided that the French embassy – now will be very fact.

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