Viral Videos, Entertainment

Many believe, not without some reason, that the success of viral videos as a means depends largely on luck and timing as they are released. But there are certain factors that may contribute to maximize the impact of its dissemination. Must be able to relate the content to the product, and do so easily identifiable. One key is to look for details or objects familiar to our audience, to which they are accustomed. Try to keep your video is spontaneous. You’ll get much more successful a video of a client or user interacting with the object really want to promote, a simulation or animation. Surprise.

The surprise factor in the “plot” of the video makes it much more interesting than a succession of predictable situations. Be truthful. Do not lie or exaggerate. The public realizes, and immediately reduced by the interest. If the video is genuine, it will be much more impressive.

Appeal to her sense of humor. The videos are far more graceful than promotional viralizar. The chances for the public to reach the second end of the video increases geometrically if it’s fun and funny. Less talk and more action. Many viral videos are made purely on the basis of music as background sound. The images carry the weight of the message. Be informative. That is, in short, the ultimate goal of advertising: information benefits and features of a product. Please be creative. People do not want to see again and again the same situations. Imagine new scenarios, situations and utilities that their product could have.

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