The Dance

The number of danantes does not have limit of people for the moment of the dance. For being a wheel dance, but as already I cited previously, in carimb some performances and interpretations are admitted. It is allowed until alone dance. Many dancers prefer the dance alone, therefore if they feel freer for execution of the choreography. Which the propitious period for the dance carimb, in contrast of the carnival, the juninas parties, and other festividades that have fixed dates in calendar, do not have certain time are valid in all and any time. In Maraj, for example, if it dances more in the months of June, November and December. In other regions if of the biggest emphasis to the dance at the beginning of the summer (June and July).

In other regions the parties of carimb occur in January in February and for occasion of local festive moments. The clothes For the women: smooth or printed blouses, with dribbled, shoulders and belly the sample, many necklaces and done bracelets of regional seeds. Floral skirt round or well long pleated (a Caribbean influence, of black origin) In the head generally uses flowers or another arrangement the taste of the dancer. For the men: smooth or printed shirt, Pants of preferences shorter than the normal one, (an analogy to the fisherman) handkerchief in was dissolute for the Amaznia, discloses in itself, lusitanos, black traces and indians. She is typical of Par and its outskirts. The dance presents a choreography that in its volteios the danantes imitate animals as the monkey and the alligator.

It is a dance that It initiates with the man inviting, with palms, its partner for the dance. Accepted it. Dependendendo of the repertoire and the objective of the moment can be of seduction, where it has cortejo sensual to the woman, but the pairs are not touched. It also can be a trick very amused where during the dance the woman tries to play the skirt in the head of its pair. It, always dances trying to come close itself to it, but with the care of not being covered by the skirt, therefore this is caoada reason of for it. In the way of the dance it launches it a challenge, playing a handkerchief in the soil and it she must catch with the mouth with> andanas through bands, for Par and the world, it more goes joining for itself and more elements. Thus, it has a diversity of choreographies that are invented and reinventadas to each day. that, by the way, Falls well! They finish combining. At last, as well as the Brazilian people, carimb, is where it will be. Traditional or modern. It is toy, it is dance, it is party, it is sensual, it is> says pinduca Is a hot dance that makes people if to requebrar. Obs.: Carimb is in falling process as cultural patrimony incorporeal Brazilian. It is a wonderful dance, that provokes delicious emotion, as much in the danantes how much in who only it attends. It tries! THE CARIMB LEAVES TO LEAD TO IT. *Pedagoga, public employee of the city of Tom-Au Trabalha in coordination of social program. She is gotten passionate by the dance of the Carimb. Already she demonstrated carimb in cities northeast as Recife and $fortaleza. always takes its indumentria in the trip luggage.

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