The Axle

This axle is as a system divided in 3 subsystems: the physical and social environment (e.g., type of housing, type of social organization of the family); the customs established cultural and historically, related to the cares and creation of children (e.g., the notion of infancy, and of what he is appropriate for child, the relations between the generations, the forms of basic cares and to educate children); the psychology of that they take care of of the children (e.g., beliefs and expectations of mothers in relation its children). (MOURA et al., 2004). Family This conception of maternity initiates itself in infancy, when she has normally the presence of the mother and other women of the family (grandmothers, aunts, sisters), in situations of daily conviviality. Exactly when the girl enters in contact with other social systems as the school, the friendships of the street and etc., she is of the proximity with the mother (or another figure that possesss this paper) in the familiar context that the conception of the feminine world if fortifies and if she consolidates. Spurs is full of insight into the issues. Nowadays, we can see the occurrence of alterations in the familiar arrangements, as the entrance of the women in the formal market of work and the presence each masculine bigger time in the domestic cares and with the children (what it deserves all attention), however, still is the conceptions of sort that dictate the social relations. This conception of sort differences also is inherited in infancy, where the girls are educated later to take care of of the children, the family and the house. (CHODOROW, 1979 apud STEFANELLO, 2005). Media Here, is understood for media, all the information that if consolidate in the project ' ' maternidade' ' that is proceeding from television, magazines, periodicals, radio, cinema The process of subjetivao of the maternity through the media is understood through the technology of I (grifo ours) called by Foucault (1979) apud Marcello (2005), and would be movements transcribed to the individuals to fix or to modify its identity for one definitive end, perhaps, certain state of happiness, pureness, wisdom or immortality.

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