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On The Thin Line Of Absurdity

The bridge is turned! No sooner had he turned, when I fell, I fell and I was torn apart and skewered on the sharp stones that I always had watched quietly from the water so fast. Frank Kafka. (Czech Republic. Prague, 1912) Excerpt taken from the story "The Bridge. On the thin line of the absurd and fantastic. by Roberto Pinto. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of san-antonio-spurs on most websites.

Aristotle's Metaphysics in his book speaks about the levels or stages of knowledge, namely, sensation, memory, experience, universal concept, art and science. Regarding the former, the author talks about a kind of qualitative movement or alteration of the soul, through which the subject treats the object without appreciably assimilate its matter. In the subsequent drafting of each of the terms mentioned above, it happens that on reaching the Experience – time or degree of shared knowledge in a wide range between species of the animal kingdom, there is a jump or qualitative change is given by abstraction of a universal concept. It Here, where art is born, as the achievement of many experiences which allow a single universal concept and similar things. We could then take as its starting point the lapidary sentence 2 Angel Cappelletti, who unpretentious and armed with the word idea, said: "Experts have the why of things, artists, why. Those with experience know that things are (not what they are), that is, aware of its existence, not its essence, let alone their cause. " Therefore, art is no doubt over the experience and the artists are wiser than the experts.