Smart Goals (Part 4 )

Trying to achieve their goals should be entertaining and interesting, not painful … Your goals should always be designed in a way that will inspire, motivate and make it up in the morning eager to have another chance to get closer and closer to your goal. When not set goals that move us, rather than live, just exist. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from movie star. I once heard a psychologist whose work was developed at NASA astronauts motivating. a l said that the reason most people never reach their goals is simply not define them, learn about them, or seriously considered believable or achievable. All successful people I've met know exactly where to go and what they plan to get there … though this plan is to use a technique where the "hows" are not taken into account …

I think at the first articles we have clearly established why it is necessary to have smart goals, written and measurable. If you still have doubts, here I am writing unapequena list of seven important reasons for establishing their goals. I do this because until one has a clear why, he will not act to do so. 1 .- The most important reason is that in attempting to achieve a goal that challenges your chances, you will inevitably expand their boundaries and become a better person. 2 .- Having written goals will be more ready to recognize the opportunities that are consistent with their goals.

3 .- Having written goals will help you manage change and make permanent adjustments, but still heading toward your goal. 4 .- Once you have written your goals, you will find that the decision is easier, since the direction in which their actions and thoughts must aim is clear. 5 .- Having goals helps you focus on what is important to you 6 .- Written goals and revised on a regular basis will provide you with a consistent internal motivation. 7 .- Having goals will help to guide your life instead of supporting it, to live rather than exist.

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