Sarah Carrington Gets Management Deal With

With the management deal, the doors are open the pretty singer to the top of pop heaven. By Lisa bunch of Lucy by the No Angels up to Patrice Bouedibela, the list of artists who are signed to, reads like a “who of who” of the German stars and starlets. The first 19 year old Sarah Carrington, a talented newcomer from Berlin, is the latest artist to Germany’s largest management agency. With the management deal, the doors are open the pretty singer to the top of pop heaven. The 1979 founded company proves through years of collaboration with artists such as Herbert Gronemeyer, PUR or Marius Muller Westernhagen, that continuous and individual management promise sustainable success. Also in the current pop scene the company achieved impressive accomplishments SIDO aggro Berlin and Mundstuhl with renowned artists as genuine. Through an extensive national and international network, has become a company that many Management includes areas.

Product and marketing concepts to the implementation; Artist booking, through recordings, merchandising and sponsorship deals up to tours, converge all threads in an experienced and competent company. Through its broad lineup is established now as the largest management agency of in Germany. In addition to musicians as prominent artists from the fields of comedy, drama and moderation can be found. Sarah Carrington has found the perfect partner for her career. With their first single “Blind Trust” already stormed it in over a dozen chart list and brought the dance floors of clubs from Germany to Italy for cooking. Currently, she is back in the Studio and full of energy is working on her new single. Her ambitious stage show is currently being prepared by professional hands and Sarah perfected their dance performance in hard training. The fans may be curious to see what them 2011 to hear everything from Sarah Carrington will get, because her career has only just begun. To read more click here: General Electric. Artist profile at kick-management can be found at the following link: music/music/sarah-carrington / the single blind trust is available in the following portals.

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