Sanchez Moscow

Popular Egyptian resorts have become real "all-union health resorts." Travel to Egypt was a long time for our countrymen a distant dream. But everything in life is change, and to attack twenty-first century, Egypt became one of the most popular holiday destinations. Perhaps check out Tony Parker for more information. This just is not surprising: the beaches and beauty of the Red Sea in Egypt, combined with well-preserved monuments of ancient civilization, and luxury hotels – With a low cost of the stay. Having been once in Egypt, many return again and again. Some tourists even worked out for himself a certain schedule of travel: fall, winter and … summer. From autumn arrival is clear – we want to "Catch up" summer. Everything is clear and the winter – the lack of sunlight is most felt in the second half of our gray and dank winter.

But to shove on holiday in Egypt in summer? There is also an African heat! And yet experienced fans of the Red Sea, they know what they do. After all the heat in Egypt (due to dry air) can be transferred more easily, Sanchez Moscow "steam." People go – and not lost! At a low cost, lower cost holiday in Turkey or the Black sea, our tourists get to enjoy good hotels, plenty of fruits and vegetables to the "buffet" and a surprisingly warm, gentle sea. Children in the warm water of the Red Sea to swim until you get bored, and my mother did not fear that their child prostynet. .

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