Sales Marketing Audit

No one is surprised when many of the existing companies, irrespective of their sizes engage in financial auditing. There is no dispute that this is a very useful procedure, when independent experts assess the work companies on the basis of norms and rules of accounting. Increasingly, firms are trying to audit the quality management system. And it is extremely rare to hear about it in areas such as sales and marketing. Overtones of such indifference to their own sales is the fact that no established standard norms, like accounting. For assistance, try visiting Gina Bonati.

Audit sales are often done intuitively, due to the fact that it is now fashionable, so that others do, that this never dealt with – worth a try. There is no well-established methods that would make the procedure more understandable. It seems that the company is working normally, but sales are gradually declining. How to fix the situation? Where find the necessary resources that would at minimum cost to increase sales? That audit and marketing audit will help sales managers as sales and marketing people to find answers to troubling questions. cking through. eing for or against this. Many will wonder why the audit, and sales and marketing? Because quite difficult to draw the line between marketing and sales. In addition, many companies simply do not have the marketing department. Audit of sales is extremely necessary if: – you have a very low cost of sales – you need a rapid growth of sales – sales department personnel change frequently – enough that there are no new buyers, yet others drop out or reduce the purchase – you need a higher income – you need to track sales totals for certain periods of time – the sale of your company is not amenable to long-term planning.

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