Rest Your Back

People with slower reaction and gipotonikam after muscle relaxation should do some exercise, such as "kick the wall, straining muscles and limbs. Do not expect a quick success. Must deal with on a regular basis, gradually increasing the number and complexity of the exercise, while fixing the item. And always watch your state of health. Relaxation exercises should not deal with those who make the special complexes of physiotherapy. Add to your understanding with real-estate developer. My whole body relaxed for the rest. The body is pleasantly heavy. I am becoming more immersed in relaxation.

Total me from head to toe shrouds calm, pleasant relaxation. I dissolve into sweet relaxation. Thoughtless head breathing freely, smooth. Relaxing in me spilling quietly. It gently envelops my entire body. In a pleasant, relaxed body weight. I rest in the relaxing Around safely, the desire to sleep In my heart sweet and languorous I nice and easy "Birch".

Lie on your back, arms at your sides palms down. Inhaling, slowly raise your feet up. Then hold your breath, prop up his hands back and raise the entire body up so your chin pressed against the chest. At the same time raise the forearm to maintain the back, but do not allow for this offset elbows from their seats. The back side of the neck lying on the floor. Sox do not pull. When you exit the postures carefully to have a foot behind your head (slightly) removing the weight of the body with the elbows. Straighten your elbows, slowly lower the torso, then legs.

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