Red Hostel Beat

I mainly focus on website and svoyblog. Vkontakte I lead the group in his blog, I'm feature articles obitmeykinge (do not know how to pronounce it slovoL). Well, in some forums to communicate, in one of the forums I moderator what else A chtopro my blog specifically want to know? Qlife: I was wondering what engine, how many people you have involved, etc. Krash: Damn, what a script Site by system uCoz, I engaged one) All without comment))) Qlife: Got it. Hey, can you tell us about the team or artists with kotorymity cooperate? How does this happen? Krash: Well, I have already spoken. That some performers will not reveal I will nemnogoprogovoryus – we have mutual interest and all.

And so – the guys (and even girls), skotorymi I belong to, as I said, find me in different ways. Vosnovnom through contact, come into my group, write to me and nachinaetsyasotrudnichestvo. I do not collaborate with everyone. Basically helping those who hotnemnogo can do rap. There is actually a little bit, but I have great respect for zaih creativity, and their tracks in my player is always with me. I can distinguish ochentalantlivogo artist from Kiev – Don_Yas.Ya began to cooperate with him, somewhere about a year ago, and during that time we sdelaliokolo 4.3 tracks, which, I believe, succeeded. Listen to a guy in my town, rape, nice to walk down the street and hear the cars track under its own disadvantage. Qlife: And what kind of track? I heard unego theme "Diss" – it is your job? Krash: Yes, I keeps the track, I also like it very much.

Qlife: What, besides music do you do? Krash: Oh my life is very busy. I'm in Institute (at fakultetekompyuternoy safety), working vsfere real estate, engaged in design, besides I'm married – and a big family dedicate chastvremeni. That's it. Qlife: Yes, life is very busy. And when you have time to write music? By the way, skolkoza all the time you wrote a track? Krash: Damn, the question caught by surprise I think a little bit, somewhere around 600 tons of downsides za7 years. Plus lost a lot I do not even know. Maybe a thousand and will . Music in the last I write often. Mainly on weekends, and then nevsegda. Qlife: Lech, perhaps this conversation we're on it and finish. I was ocheninteresno to talk with you, I think that very soon we will continue our temu. little secret: know whom to interview me will be after you? Krash: No, enlighten) Qlife: With the guys from Red Hostel Beat)))) Krash: Damn, ambush))) Tell them I Respect) Qlife: Absolutely. Thank you for that udelilmne time) Bye! Krash: Up connection!

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