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Lectures and discussion around the subject of mixing real estate and your key to happiness food, 26 April 2012. “On April 25, 2011, Koschany invited + room architects Nagaraj from 14: 30 until 18:00 for a new edition of the expert round” a. The event, which is the series of lectures initiated since 2009 by Nagaraj, took place on the Conference floor of the architects in the Ruttenscheider Strasse in Essen. The theme of mixing real estate was parent question of the afternoon. How do the work of building with different uses that integrate living, working and shopping under one roof. What say city officials, real estate developers and investors to these building plans. This was to clarify it. The mixing real estate that a mixed real estate can be a positive driver of urbanity, illustrated Dr.

Bernd Feyerabend, CEO of August Heine Baugesellschaft AG, two project examples from the Ruhr. “Just in smaller cities such as Oberhausen and Mulheim an der Ruhr, which are surrounded by” Mixing real estate have cities like Duisburg, Dusseldorf or Essen,”great importance for the urban development of the city, said the first speaker of the afternoon. Mixing real estate located above in the Middle Office and below provide trade or catering for urbanity with high quality. Win-win situations arise when these positive urbanity enhances the profitability of the mixing properties. To develop successful inner-city plots, mean, essentially, Feyerabend, explained to create a qualified density. To respond to the direct spatial environment, to create vertical and visually separate construction situations, the individual uses and separate developments were all important impulses for the marketing opportunities of the buildings. To schedule conversions, begat this sustainability and foresight for long-term real estate development, so his conclusion. The lower risk of the complete vacancy rate, less fluctuations are significant advantages of mixing real estate in the rental price and faster possibility to react to market needs.

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