Petition In The Borough Of Tempelhof-Schoneberg Is To Completion

We ask all who have still signature sheets at home at 75 percent of the necessary votes for a referendum, return or return. The petition titled “get the Tempelhof airport, protect world cultural heritage” is prior to successful completion. “We have collected in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg now over 9000 signatures and expect this week to reach the necessary 7500 valid votes.”, says Andreas Donati of the Action Alliance Goal of the citizen’s initiative is to maintain Tempelhof airport in its entirety, an extension of the monument protection on the entire system and a future appointment to the UNESCO World Heritage site. Volker Perplies, by the Action Alliance: “from day to day more evident, that the Senate is in a cul-de-sac in terms of Tempelhof. Tempelhof is a historical place where aviation – and world history was written.

The previous ideas from the Senate meet this meaning in any way. It is also a question of historical responsibility, this monument of for posterity to get authentic. That Berlin can be proud”with the attainment of the necessary number of votes, can subscribe to either the goals of the citizen’s initiative the initiative meeting in the District of Berlin Tempelhof – Schoneberg or reject it. In the second case it comes to a referendum vote at the polling station. The Action Alliance”currently consists of around 60 active members, who come from all groups of the population. This ranges from the 14-year-old student to the 80-year-old pensioner. Michael Paul also a member of the Action Alliance: “we are a real citizens ‘ movement. Our comrades have led many conversations on the street in the last few months.

The vast majority of the people is shaken as it has dealt with Tempelhof, but also with democratic principles. For the upcoming referendum we are very, very optimistic.” On Saturday, the Action Alliance will gather once again in the major shopping streets of the district. “Moreover, we all, ask the” yet signature sheets at home have to return or return.” Regardless of the petition in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg continues the collection for a new Berlin-wide referendum. The “referendum for the world heritage site of Tempelhof and more transparency in politics”, also required the authentic preservation of the airport and contains numerous provisions of transparency for a better control of the Berlin Senate. “Here we have more than 75 percent of the necessary number of votes for the first round reached. with over 15,500 signatures”, so Andreas Donati. “Witere information: signature sheets to the citizens – and referendum: background information to the cultural heritage of Tempelhof: Action Alliance:, de, or Action Alliance” c/o Michael Paul Klixstr 3 10823 Berlin 0172 3823382 E-Mail: carrier Alliance of “” “” “Referendum for the world heritage site of Tempelhof and more transparency in politics” and of the citizen’s initiative “the monument Tempelhof airport will receive – when protect world heritage” information, “”, “” and “” Action Alliance “-cross-party Alliance the symbol of freedom to the initiators the initiatives include the rescue of the Tempelhof Pro Temple Court”, Tempelhof to be world heritage”and the initiative ex-SPD-voters for the Tempelhof airport!” The debate to the Tempelhof airport has led the Alliance to constitute the reasons for the maintenance of temples of Justice at the factual level. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Neil Cole. The Alliance supported the Interessengemeinschaft City Airport e.V. ICAT, the initiator of the referendum. The non-partisan advocacy Alliance would also make it clear that the closure of the airport is a policy question, its impact all Berliners in East and Concern the West.

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