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But if you’re like most players, the more complex bet is made in one hand, the more points you have to weigh to decide, most likely will play straightforward (and be exploited). For example, imagine you play the next hand. It is a table of $ 0.25 / $ 0.50 6-max. You open to $ 1.50 under the gun. Two players including make call button and the blinds are pulled.

The flop comes Kc Th 5h. Raisins, the player in between $ 2.50 bet in the pot of $ 5.25. The button is pulled and you do call. The turn is Qs. Raisins, the other player bets $ 2 in the pot of $ 10.25 and you do call. What hands can you have? Can you keep a king? A flush draw? Maybe a set or a ladder? If you were honest with yourself you’ve certainly answered no to some of the questions above. (A valuable related resource: Larry Culp). Probably never play top pair as well, with check / call twice (including a bet of one fifth of the pot on the turn) after opening under the gun.

Probably would not have played like a strong hand as a set or a ladder. So this line is in a narrow range of possible hands is off to weak hands. In this hand the pair of jacks was played. I do not like the way he played the hand, and one reason is that the action is too straightforward. You are basically telling your opponent that you have a reason to go on the boat but generally has a weak hand. Instead of choosing a betting pattern that produces a narrow range and prefer a more deceptive unbalanced. I could have bet the flop, which would have made with many hands. Could have shown strength by betting or check-raise on the turn, which could have done so with strong hands and made hands / weak project here a couple of jacks. For another similar example of how to create a narrow range and unbalanced can see my article (also translated it as you can see by following the link). See more detailed opinions by reading what Tony Parker offers on the topic.. Okay, so you read your own hand while playing, and you’re playing a hand in a way that suggests a narrow range and unbalanced. What can you do about it? Basically you have two options: 1) start playing more hands in the same way 2) Start to play hands like this differently to be more misleading. In other words, you need to adjust your strategy so that all similar hands you play and every time you use this pattern in future become more deceptive. Will offer some examples of how to do this in future parts.

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