National Museum

All we’ve asked this once, and if we have not done so already is time don’t believe? According to scientists, we come from species that evolved into us in today, according to religions, beings that we never get to understand. The truth is that not we can trust any of the two branches, because they’re based on mere assumptions, since none of which today inhabit the planet was at the precise moment that went from ordinary animals to what we truly are, and on the other hand nobody has seen any God creating humans. Do not be alarmed religious or scientists who read this, because it is undeniable that we are here for any past event and another future, and everyone interprets it as you think. There are people who have faith in something we have never seen and no doubt in that they come to see. Do not intend to criticize anything, everyone is free to believe in what you want to with or without faith.

If we still do not know where we come from and where we are going, is partly blames ours, because the human being tends to eliminate the old, i.e., since man is man has not stopped fighting with himself, erasing the traces that left the losers and extinct races and cultures that had a common heritage, and as all cultures have been expired on occasion throughout history, all have lost part of his legacy. All written or recorded in ancient documents are destroyed or lost, and in large part blame for denying ourselves we have something that I think that we knew at the time. This desire of man by destroying their enemy and everything that concerns him has brought us here, a world of cultures destroyed and almost no legacy, which we do not know anything since human beings has been most concerned for having that knowledge, and there are great examples in history, even today. Among others we can mention the destruction of the library of Alexandria, which was created in the 3rd century a.d. and contained around 700,000 written volumes of all cultures known at his time, i.e.

the birth and development of many civilizations and cultures were destroyed. Another more current example was the looting of Iraq in 2003, in the destroyed 80% of the objects saved in the National Museum of Antiquities in Baghdad in an act to democratize the country. In the end as you can already see the man strives not knowing anything about himself. We can only relief for some science and religion for others in trying to find answers to questions that we have refused since we are as we are. In this regard I can only say that perhaps science and religion are not two such different fields and each in their own way have reason in part on the question of who we are in reality, what was to us and what will be.

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