Mauritius In Free Fall

‘ Skydive Austral’ sky diving in Mauritius now offers more recently can you spectacular end a peaceful island flight on Mauritius in free fall. Speaking candidly San Antonio Spurs told us the story. Sky diving is a unique experience – especially with Mauritius as a backdrop. The tandem jump over the paradisiacal island in the Indian Ocean starts completely relaxed with a flight over the island. At 3,000 feet, guests get off together with its professional flight instructors from the plane. Highlight of the tour is just one-minute free fall until the pull-cord is pulled and opens the parachute.

For several months this complemented by the Mauritian organiser of Skydive Austral adventures carried out the tourist offer on Mauritius and courageous caters to an exciting change of pace. While on approach guests through the fully glazed doors of the aircraft have a unique 360 view without distracting Visual barriers on the beauty of the island. After his departure, hurtling the tandem duo finally with 200 km/h toward the Earth and enjoys After opening of the parachute again schroffe volcanic mountains, sandy beaches and the lush green of the sugar cane plantations white views of turquoise-blue sea. Each jumper receives a video recording and some pictures on DVD from his courageous leap as a reminder. More information on the subject of sky diving in Mauritius under. General info about Mauritius under. Images and further press information at.

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