Just add water Kit 'plus hosting platform' is found in nature more often than you'd expect. If loosely interpreted the concept of 'hosting', it turns out that it is almost anywhere on the web, provided by us for use. Same LiveJournal, in fact, – hosting: you are offered a 'Name your space' and a set of services. Free, shareware or a moderate bribe can get ready to blog with a customized look, a place in the files, the possibility of posting a mobile technology publication of voice recordings, the forward magazine to your domain and much more. Taking into account the possibility of changing the look of the magazine to your liking, create menus, graphical themes, collections of links and other things 'Live Journal' is almost turning into a normal website with cms. But, nevertheless, is a blog-hosting service. Such systems in our time – hundreds of them. And, as representatives of enduring class of Web 2.0, they will successfully displace their Relatives of the first generation – the page template on free hosting.

In Russia, much more popular than the other two systems: Learn, and its clone LiveInternet. All in all, 'Blog Search' to 'Yandex' finds 49 blog services. Among them are not included MySpace and (not confused with. org), but in vain. On the 'myspace' lives a lot of musicians and our 'advanced' compatriots keep his nose to the wind of world fashion. As of April 2007 on this site lived two million bands and 15 million blogs.

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