Hydro-massage relaxes muscle tension and eliminate stress symptoms. No other element offers so many biological and psychological benefits such as water. The Sahasi GmbH has developed a massage establishment with hydro massage, a smart combination of water and nozzle systems, which results in a healing and soothing massage treatment. We make it who are not fun in the water, to let oneself drift, switch off and enjoy a wonderful massage? We feel more relaxed as the water around us bubbling, caresses the body and the muscles. Particularly effective and curative massage, the fluvo nozzle systems create soft, vibrating massage jets. The beam is riddled by thousands of tiny air bubbles. The air admixture is perfect and matched automatically to each nozzle.

An adjustment is eliminated. The used nozzle systems are interchangeable, so that you later can be adapted to the personal needs -. The jets are in the wall, at different heights, also in the ground or built into a seating alcove. An individual strength of massage or massage area is selectable for each position. By choosing different volume flows and massage forces reaching the right relaxation: deep and soothing relaxation, especially in the area of the strained back muscles or simply only surface stimulating. Changes in skin, connective tissue and muscles to relieve pain, increased blood flow or metabolism take place under the influence of the intermittent pressure beam of the massage jets.

For back and neck, to choose the multi hole nozzle balance – with 12 m m/h and a massage force by 25 Newton. For a broadband flat caressing effect – the multi hole nozzle comfort at 20 m m/h and a massage force by 35 Newton. Or the multiple hole nozzle pulsive 7 m/h with 20 Newton for a strong locally-intensive massaging effect. Thigh muscles, relaxes the strong broadband area massage comfort nozzle E.g. after a forest run on a beautiful Sunday morning.

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