Georg Remmers – You Let Me Fly

The new song by Georg Remmers – you let me fly it is a real hamburger and connoisseur of the musical landscape. Georg Remmers has already since 1988 many experiences in the entire landscape of the entertainment industry can collect. Whether as a musician, music promoter for some artists in the entertainment industry or also as a composer and lyricist, as, for example, for Marianne Cathomen (Switzerland), Grand Prix winner 2001 let the stars in the sky tonight”. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. “Duo XXL his 2001 title was pure Mobile Madness” numerous charts positions in the German radio landscape as well as the participation in the NDR TV broadcast bi us to Hus “in 2001. His musical publications how can women and men be friends”or period of time” were real no-brainer, and quickly made it to the front. You let me fly”means transported the current work that sounds like the lightness itself and lot of energy. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Related Group. Fly again and open the heart for life, so Georg Remmers describes this song.

German Pop-pop, which invites you to dance and feel good. These positive tracks spread quickly the mood and simply indicates that it is always on the people, which is located there to and this much again is worth. “His album coming in November 2011 caution I’m BBs” out and is very clearly show that even thoughtful texts in German music listeners are very popular.

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