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sitters rely on diverse experience in a variety of industries. Serious liability risks form one of these topical issues in Occupational pension systems. Once installed in the company, slumber this folder in the Cabinet to himself and hide risky as partly unknown dangers. As so often is the devil also here in the detail. For example in the adjustment verification requirement which is regulated in 16 in the occupational pension Act (shall). Then must”every employer at least once every three years to check, whether ongoing occupational pensions of an adjustment must be subjected.

Or for example in obtaining claim, which foresees the fulfilling responsibility of an employer on promised pension commitments. Is, for example, the documentation must satisfy? First actions brought by employees against their companies on compensation are pending in this respect already. “And if the theme occupational pensions through these” back on the agenda, it is also useful to consider why the FOT in companies not yet to the extent adopted, how the business lines during the introduction of hoped-for it, the reasons comes “through a successful deferred compensation with adequate participation rates of their workforce wage cost” to reduce. On the basis of a questionnaire elaborated in detail, it is possible consistently uncover the acute need for action, and to create permanently legally binding security in a few minutes about the competence center OWL. An advantage that gives our clients basically the mosaic stone another valuable competence building block to build long-term trust in the hand. But Werther can do much more. What happens if? It turns this question often only when a problem is acute. The emergency kit – tools for crisis prevention and planning”is one of the most booked lectures in the ABOS-CONWORKS entrepreneurs Association.

“And their experts are not tired to recommend that, when establishing operating such a case of emergency” be deposited with an attorney or tax advisor and to update them annually. Be regulated should this representation powers in the event of illness, accident or death of the Company owner. This is difficult especially in family business at times, where there may be about failure of the chiefs considerable difficulties, lack of an intact, second level of the hierarchy. At an early stage to provide for the future pays for itself in the present, as a planning ahead ensures confidence in consultants, donors and business partners. This to regulate is particularly important in times of an increased risk provisions in the banks because borrowing conditions could be addressed significantly thereafter, whether and to what extent already a succession had taken. Only two prominent examples that demonstrate the range of topics is how broad the fillers and his team in East Westphalia deal Alexander. The entrepreneurs network of subscriptions CONWORKS offers the best conditions for this. ABOS-CONWORKS entrepreneurs Federation AG, headquartered in Berlin, is one of the companies with the largest consultant and coach network in Germany. The range includes the coaching small – and mediumsized Companies, as well as advising larger companies. More information is available on the website. ABOS-CONWORKS entrepreneurs Federation AG contact: Holger W. sitter publicity am Borsigturm 5 13507 Berlin Tel. + 49 30 – 417442 70 fax + 49 30 – 417442 729 E-Mail: Internet:

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