(remember that they are probably already infected, too, do not should they connect to other computers, as those can also be infected) Install Anti-Virus (I recommend Kaspersky Anti-Virus or DrWeb) (and update its virus definitions) Fully scan your computer Antivirus. How to protect yourself from infection? Give yourself an antivirus. Not necessarily all the time to keep it running. You can periodically scan your computer. Although I do not recommend doing this as many Antivirus scan all executable files before starting.

So if you suddenly accidentally run a virus, Anti-Virus can block his execution. Use a firewall (firewall, the firewall) – This program monitors and filtering through it network packets. If you see a notice about what kind of your program without your notice is trying to connect to the Internet, you should check whether you have a virus. Always be attentive to the file that starts. The document titled privet.doc.exe is an executable file, in spite of the fact that the program icon may look like a document Word. If you have a hide extensions for known file types, then the document will be called privet.doc – is wary if the other Word documents, you look just like the name (ie privet) All downloaded files from the internet is scanned Antivirus Just scan the flash card and USB-disks when installed in your computer (just remember that if your antivirus is turned off, and you connect the drive to the computer, the virus can run itself without your demand) It is suspicious of the files transferred to you via ICQ or e-mail If MS Office document asks about how to download macros from the file, you should think about the trustworthiness of the file.

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