Defense Sprays ProTECT Pepper Spray Trading

The Pro-tect pepper spray has OC accounted for only 3prozent. But even this very low value must be no disadvantage. We explain why. The Pro-TECT 40 spray is a very good and yet cheap pepper spray which you can order on the Internet quickly and easily online, because since it is marked as a spray against the animal, it is freely available in Germany and is not the gun laws. Glenn Dubin understands that this is vital information. The big advantage of this defense sprays is of course the beam which emerges on pressure as thick fog and thus does not require a precise objectives. Through the mist hitting an attacker with the Pro-Tec 40 spray even if one is not so unerringly or the attacker moves and you can not clearly aim at him. If you are in panic and fear a real advantage may be just because even though it would certainly meet in normal situations may not always say under such pressure, whether it really is able to achieve his goal with the beam. Another advantage of the Pro-TECT 40 spray is it, that this pepper spray just OC has a concentration of about 3%, what’s right is low, as most aerosols are OC between this level and up to 13%.

However, the small amount of the active ingredient is actually beneficial, because the irritation faster alone subside and the pain for an attacking dog are considerably lower, which certainly is just for animal lovers of importance, although they of course yet fully sufficient to fend off an attacking dog. Also also, irritation, you may even blends, fail due to this low concentration significantly weaker, what always can happen precisely inexperienced people in a spray, if you did not think about, to be sure to get yourself none of the dog repellent spray in the wind. Because this pepper spray as animal repellent spray is marked and thus freely available, you can it easily simply order and went home via a shipping have delivered, without this you would have to provide more evidence or other administrative expenses would have to take in stride. For athletes, which are much in the fresh air, and get to do it always with moving targets in the form of dogs, this dog repellent spray is made perfect and very easy to use, by its structure and also of the composition which is also a very important point. Due to the range of around 2 meters, you can maintain also a certain margin of safety in case of an attack by a dog and so prevent it before the successful defense can come to injuries caused by the dog, what is of course also an important aspect of this sprays, as well as the fact that the straight approximately 9 cm high bottle in each small bag and hence at the sport without much effort in the position is one, to lead them to. You can buy the repellent spray on the Internet or at the well-stocked retailer.

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