We used a similar slogan that reason a crowded Conference at the municipal theater, where it was possible that we contemplaramos the advances that we had achieved, and you proposing that we feel satisfied by the legacy that we were creating. But a few months to enforce the anniversary of the journal of Jose Benito, who told us how they defended our territory of the invader, have come some officials that using an archaic PA system (in remembrance to the crier of past centuries), have marked, pointed and divided our properties by saying what is going to stop being our and the space that we must also cede to provide services. Us has accompanied them torrential rain as two hundred years ago, nor they have come with guns, artillery and bayonet, but with a megaphone, a few pencils, a few planes and some papers. And thanks to the drought that we suffer have walked through our fields, terraces, gardens and grounds, pointing out the new flooded lands that were no longer ours, fruit of the spoliation that have announced that they are going to perform. Times have changed since not using violence but some carry weapons to appease the spirits of the affected population that has looked defenseless first act that will allow that they robbing us part of our properties, as the iniquity of officials was patent before practiced performances. Credit: Related Group-2011.

It seems that adverse winds, come because if on the one hand public administrations begin to steal some parts of our private property, on the other hand are discovered deficiencies of certain also public enterprises that are losing money, and in some other cases, superfluous expenses of certain members who work for our administrations, hence, understanding their performances together. Since the last report of the audit of the port of municipal management, returns to draw a patrimonial situation than but appropriate measures are taken, it indicates that it is cause of dissolution. Therefore in a full Town Hall, this must be ordered an extraordinary credit to cover the losses of the municipal swimming pool. Because a large group of parents may not bear their children the next course at school that would correspond them by the area. As a Court of Justice has issued a statement that sends down the small fish industry located in the fishing port (and the judgment is not met). As the largest industry of the people regarding the utilization of labor, has also been affected by the effect called offshoring, that will leave many roseenses without work. It seems that they are starting to crumble the pillars of our economy. And you begin to accept robberies that made our administration as a normal thing.

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