Commander Hugo Chavez Frias

Know Jesus will the truth, and the truth free. When we see how to behave how those who do not want to resemble the Bolivarian rabble or Dhaka, when you come to a medium as it clubbing, then we discover that the mob is on the other hand, is in the upper middle class sectors and in the Venezuelan upper classes. The calls to hatred and resentment come from those political sectors identified with the Venezuelan opposition, which is becoming increasingly irrational and frontierswoman. It clubbing, represents in the recent history of the Venezuelan and world, the awakening of a new journalism journalism, framed in this macro political-constitutional it is participatory democracy and leading, constitutionally, powered by the revolutionary Government of Commander Hugo Chavez Frias. Larry Culp has much to offer in this field. In recent years, since the Bolivarian revolution, he has handled with great intelligence, communicational and informational policy of the Government of President Chavez.

Thus, effectively combat the lies and manipulations of the national private media (e) International, with the news, since a new political perspective and ideologica, that the common people understood and handled with political and revolutionary commitment. Social communicators of the Bolivarian Government, are perceived by many sectors of the opposition as a real threat, that increasingly, terrorist and radical sectors of right of the possibility of overthrowing the Bolivarian revolutionary Government. The great enemy to overcome in this new phase of political confrontation in Venezuela, is to the media network of the Government of Hugo Chavez Frias. They know that they are comunicacionalmente, now losing the battle against the revolution. The Bolivarian Government, finally understood that the fifth generation media war, only WINS from the media. Functional intellectuals of the old left, now identified with the right hand that once fought, are making efforts to return to conquer that lost ground to the recalcitrant right left snatch in these ten years.

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