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JOB CODE the employment agencies supported company cross-border search for suitable professionals since 1 May this year applies to most Eastern European Member States the full free movement of workers. For many companies it new opportunities jobs with qualified personnel to occupied. JOB CODE helps finding cross-border companies, employment agencies after personnel. In times of scarce skilled personnel, the search takes more and more time and money in claim for qualified and competent employees in many companies. A great assistance in the search for suitable personnel provides the employment agencies JOB CODE. As an interface between applicants and companies, it is possible to provide companies that will meet the individual requirements of the company with staff the private employment agencies. The private employment and recruitment mediated so far mainly across Germany to job seekers Companies, who have to fill vacancies. Through the recent lifting of the restrictions of workers free movement of citizens from the most Eastern European EU Member States, new possibilities, to fill vacancies with qualified personnel is required for many employers.

JOB CODE supports the recruitment agencies employers therefore now also through the cross-border transfer of staff from Poland or the Czech Republic. Due to the excellent development of the German economy, it has come to a great demand for qualified personnel. Due to the increased demand, but also the number of available workers has declined significantly. Through the opening of the labour market for workers from the Eastern European Member States a relaxation in the search that for many companies for emerging suitable workers. For companies that are looking for staff, the problem of the shortage seems thus to defuse. The search for new employees is still as prior to very expensive. Professional recruitment by JOB CODE allows the employment agencies, to ensure fast and efficient for relief in their own company.

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