Christmas Nativity Scene

Venice to leave without tears is not possible. It's impossible to leave without a Venetian carnival mask. The price of one, a decent quality, $ 20-25. You can buy and "fish", that is, a white mask with a long nose, and then paint it independently. In Venice, do not forget about Murano glass – vases, bowls, plates, decorations. Price of one large beads – $ 2. South of the country – Capri, Sorrento – among seasoned travelers famous limoncello (lemon liqueur, or).

Good, better grappa, which is also worth to buy. Nice and present – very nice bottle: twisted forms and intricate cover. Price depends on size bottles – from 2 to 20 dollars. By the way, in Capri you can not just buy limoncello, but taste it for free. In addition to alcohol on memory available and a nice ceramic lemon – from $ 3.

Naples especially like the coquette – there has long been established production cameos. After reviewing the Museum exhibits little cameos, it is worth to buy any pendant or a brooch, set in silver or gold. Prices are great – a good brooch to cost $ 150. But the most noble Neapolitan gifts – Christmas Nativity Scene (The price of a small den $ 10) and sculptures of San Gennaro – the patron saint of un. Price saint of $ 5. And the eternal Rome to stay with you in the form of pretty watercolors. Not da Vinci, but the price – 3-10 dollars. From Rome to home will catch and delicious bottle of balsamic vinegar. Price one bottle – $ 10. Spain In Spain, as well as on our parents to buy leather goods, Ukraine, nice – bags, purses, wallets, belts and shoes – moccasins, sandals or sandals. Gizmos joyful and colorful (orange, red, beige, white), excellent quality, but prices are quite high.

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