Carnival King

Retro, a frequently attacked theme for themed parties can be also with old black and white film strips, black & white authentic decorate themselves posters and the like. Light and shadow as show element of what creates an artificial, crazy atmosphere black & white themed party in discos, can accompany with a light show, the black & white theme. However, there is only the simple variant of the white light, the best suitable to the respective song clocked. In the fast rhythm, the dancing pairs look like thought flashes on other and for each other. Who party rather in the “slow down”mag or the eerie aspect because loves black and white, can create ghostly elements in decoration, lighting and dress code of the guests. Here, white strands to pitch black hair as wig should not be missing. Costumes and decorations such as to count are allowed of course refined black & white Dracula times.

Where is celebrated there – to meal also! Black & White Cuisine as previously mentioned, the food at the theme of black & white should better remain a golden exception. In the other Compilation of the food however motto and contrast may be picked up. Olives, sheep cheese, dark grapes to bright Camembert, bananas to ripe black cherries are the light version of the black & white offers. Boiled and fried, dark balsamic vinegar can complement the black component, of course to appetizing on white plates. If the black & white themed party on the day, possibly with children, will take place, are black and white cupcakes or Marble cake, black and white pastries, or funny candy ruck – hypothetically spirited for the topic. As a black and white drinks for the adult guests latte macchiato and cappuccino resonate primped by decorative milk foam creations of particularly creative hosts certainly good. Clearly you can appropriately address also cocoa! Even if alcoholic beverages can be found many ways the party motto tastefully and with love for the detail in the glass to fill black & white – and with sugar cane and black-and-white umbrella. Annette Bankey for: Carnival King – troppo belli GmbH

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